About Bankpension

Bankpension is a pension fund offering company pensions to the employees of a large number of companies in the financial sector, including banks, unit trusts and IT companies. The pension fund is governed by the rules of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Rank-and-file participation

Bankpension is owned by its members, the primary impact being that there are no shareholders to profit from us; all our surpluses go to our members.

But this also means that our members participate in deciding how the pension fund is to be run.

Bankpension's board of directors has eight members, four of which are chosen by the members of the fund and four by employers.

Minimal costs

We run an efficient business with minimal administration. And since our members all have approximately the same needs, as their salaries and working conditions are very similar, we are better able to target our products and thus keep costs down.